“Calling Mari for assistance was a life saver. She helped me to schedule my time, organize and sort thru a huge house and business. Her confidence, punctuality and comforting presence made what seemed like an impossible job, very manageable.”Nancy G.
Nancy G.
“With Mari’s direction and encouragement, my attic is now a well-organized space that is usable, and a place where our grandchildren can play.”Barbara H.
B.H – Watsonville, CA
“With the help of Mari my garage went from a place to be avoided to a well-organized space.”Christine S.
C.M. – Santa Cruz, CA
“Mari brought order into my paper-laden life. She was supportive, patient, non-judgmental, and most of all kept a positive frame of mind as we sorted thru my piles of paper.”Cindy D.
C.D. – Marin, CA
“Mari works miracles! She was able to convert a room that was overtaken by unsorted boxes and miscellaneous “stuff” into a functional and very organized space.”Sarah E.
S.E. – Capitola, CA
“Before Mari worked her magic, I used to walk into my office and feel lost, worried, overwhelmed, confused, and walk out. Now, when I walk into my office, I feel like the creative, spontaneous, organized, professional, fun woman that I am!”Janice S.
Janice S.
“Things in places-space re-generated-created-found…space…what possibilities emerge-grow-create…from something so simple, often so challenging, yet so crucial…space…what a concept. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”Carol L.
Carole L.
“Mari has been a godsend. She works hard, has good easy suggestions, is nonjudgmental, and she makes your most embarrassing projects organize with ease. My life is much less cluttered and more fun since I began working with The Neatnik.”Jill S.
Jill S.